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PL Energy can save you Time and Money with our custom built Building Automation System (BAS)

With information at your fingertips, state of the art energy saving algorithms and remote diagnostics

See What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

See what clients of PL Energy Services are saying about us

“The fast, friendly and professional service provided by PL Energy Services ensures our rebates and savings on our projects are maximized. A detailed report exposed many different areas where the property could further energy savings and thus lower costs.” VUTEQ Canada

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Engineering Services

At PL Energy Services we have completed hundreds of energy audits for all kinds of clients. Furthermore in each audit conducted we typically find 20% to 30% energy savings which means more money in your pocket!

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With our knowledgeable and experienced staff you can rest comfortably knowing any HVAC or building envelope project you have will get completed in full. Here at PL Energy we take pride in getting projects closed out on time, on budget and with our clients informed along the way.
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When you’re looking to have a major component replaced in your commercial building like a boiler, motor, or pump, you’ll be making a significant investment in the equipment. With PL Energy Services experience and know-how we can ensure you get the right equipment for your building's unique needs. Whether PL Energy develops the design, writes the specification or evaluates the tender you can be confident that your building is getting only what it needs without any corners cut. 

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Joining North America's largest environmental assessment and certification program can be a significant value add for your building. However to achieving certification can be a challenging process. At PL Energy we have ensured numerous buildings either become successfully certified or earn their re-certification.  

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HVAC Services

At PL Energy Services we can design, install and program a building automation system (BAS) in your building to reduce utility consumption and improve occupant comfort. With a BAS PL Energy Services installs you will receive features such as; remote monitoring, accurate real time data and real time alarms. Consequently operating your building can be easier than ever before.
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At PL Energy Services we have performed numerous installations on everything from commercial storefronts, condo buildings, healthcare facilities, office buildings, manufacturing plants and more. Whether its a boiler, chiller, rooftop unit or anything in-between we can install and commission your HVAC equipment. We have the experience and knowhow to manage your building's unique situation and occupant needs.
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At PL Energy Services our skilled HVAC technicians have the experience and training to solve your HVAC equipment issues. Furthermore with our digital service forms you can be confident that the work is being done correctly and only the work that is required.
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At PL Energy Services we are redefining ago-old norms in the HVAC industry through transparency, knowledgeable technicians and advisors. Our preventative maintenance program is unlike many others; we utilize technologies to organize your service reports showing you completion of work through visual references and explaining issues and options through our unique digital forms.
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Industries PL Energy Services Operate With



Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURB)


Retail and Storefront

Commercial Indoor Farming and Cannabis Production

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The PL Services Advantage

PL Energy Services is an Engineering and Construction Firm focusing on energy reduction and conservation in multi-residential, commercial, healthcare, education and manufacturing facilities. Making use of new technologies with a focus on data driven analysis PL Energy takes pride in reducing clients energy consumption to save them money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.