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The PL Treatment

We are industry leaders in energy conservation management, supplying technology and consulting services to commercial, multi-residential and industrial facilities province-wide.

PL Energy Initiatives is an innovative consulting corporation embracing all inclusive energy management. PL maintains a wide spectrum of expertise, knowledge, and experience to deliver a comprehensive study on your facility's current energy consumption. Personalized recommendations and solutions for reduction in cost and consumption are prepared uniquely for each facility to maximize efficiency.

Collaborating with various vendors and channel partners, PL offers complete solutions for any capacity's energy needs. Through cost effective energy savings and sufficient initial cost diminution, a realistic solution is achieved.

Every client receives the same premium service as if you were our only client. Reports are delivered promptly and accurately to ensure projects can be completed proficiently.

improve your portfolio

  1. Decrease tenant energy use and expense
  2. Secure provincial funding for all projects within facility
  3. Illustrate annual reductions in expense project costs, government rebates and payback periods
  4. Identify areas of inefficiency and sources of high operational costs
  5. Increase building valuation
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